Objects Imaginaries


Artistic Installation, 2014

Objects, imaginaries is an artistic installation that brings knowledge about a magic ritual that is practiced in the Maghreb in order to know something about a person and to predict his or her future.
I made sculptures following the traditional process. Visitors interpret these forms according to what their subconscious mind brings to the surface. The installation also contains objects that reflect this particular culture.

Group Exhibition. CIVD — Intercultural Festival. University of Paris 8, april 14-17 . Saint-Denis. France

The One You Keep


Mixed technique on canvas

5×5 cm | 2012

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Duo Exhibition. “Journey of the Imaginary” Project. Recto VRso International Digital Art Festival. Curated by Judith Guez. Bateau Lavoir St-Julien, july 7-11. Laval.France